What is Christmas About?
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Sometimes the people on the TV Tell the truth.
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According to Luke Chapter 1 Yeshuah HaMashiach was most likely born during the Fall feasts, however some believe that He could have also been born on the first month of the Biblical Lunar Year as well, if Zachariah was the priest in the middle of the year when the angel spoke to Zachariah, and that could have only happened if the priests had to do double duty in the temple, due to a lack of priests. Zachariah would have been in the temple on the first month of the Biblical Lunar Year when the story mentions him in Luke 1. It’s also difficult to picture Shepherds watching sheep in the winter cold at night instead of putting them in barns, and it is also difficult to picture pregnant Mary traveling in such cold conditions.

It’s important because everything to do with Christmas and December 25th, has to do with the worship of Baal / Tammuz / Nimrod and Baal’s rebirth as Tammuz. The Bible says that we can not worship YHWH = Yeshuah HaMashiach the same way as the pagans worship their false deities. The Christmas = Tammuz tree has the Baal star above it, because the Tammuz Pine Tree was said to come from the blood from the Baal sun, and grew up from the ground. Baal’s wife and Tammuz’s mother was said to be impregnated by the Baal sun’s rays (a virgin birth) and then Baal was reincarnated in his son Tammuz. Sinterklaas and his evil helpers, and Saint Nikolas who works for them, are another problem with December 25th and Christmas.

Zechariah 14:16 says that all people will give Yeshuah HaMashiach offerings (gifts) during the feast of tabernacles, when Yeshuah HaMashiach returns. The Gospel of Luke 1 tells us that the same month is when Yeshuah HaMashiach was most likely born, unless special circumstances put His birth in the first month of the New Year, and the meaning of the feast of tabernacles is YHWH with us, or YHWH tabernacling with us. So most likely Yeshuah HaMashiach was born during the feast of Tabernacles. This is the perfect time to come together as a family and celebrate the birth and coming of Yeshuah HaMashiach, WITHOUT any Tammuz trees, Baal stars, graven images, or any other pagan traditions or things. No sinterklaas, evil helpers, elves, santa, or Saint Nikolas.

Q. Why do Christians Celebrate Christmas?
A. For The Sake Of Man Made Traditions And Peer Pressure From Others.
ian michaels For The Sake Of Our Tradition (with lyrics) https://youtu.be/eO4LTopTl5k


01:07 the sacred names of yahuah and yahushuah hamashiach in ancient hebrew
04:53 why was the temple of baal destroyed in 2015 along with 69 churches and another pagan temple, and what does that have to do with Christmas?
05:58 Matthew 10
10:50 more scripture
11:10 Earlier terms for Christmas
11:35 the beginning of Christmas
12:00 why didn’t Christmas exist until 300 years after Christ?
24:21 England and Protestants in the American colonies outlawed christmas.
The origin of Christmas and why it was outlawed.
2:05 what the prophets in the old covenants said about Christmas,
4:50 the 8 pointed star and the solar wheel,
7:50 decorations,
8:24 santa,
18:13 Christmas Elves,
18:50 Saint Nicholas the catholic saint and the goat men who abuse children today.
21:30 sinterklaas racist.
21:30 Ho, Ho, Ho, the meaning?
23:00 Chris Kringle
23:35 the birth of Jesus? December 25th?
25:05 when yahushah hamashiach was born?
00:55 Charles Spurgeon says don’t celebrate Christmas
Scripture on why not to celebrate Christmas.
03:00 the biblical holy days we are commanded to observe.
05:33 lots of pagan days.
06:57 the sabbath day was abolished and not changed.
16:50 What else did Constantine destroy?
23:30 Why is the sacred name of yahuah banned today?
26:10 evidence that the original new covenant manuscripts were destroyed.
37:00 a special appearance by reverend twistruth!
40:23 Oy Vey Maria
00:54 Birthdays
06:52 New Years
08:55 Valentine’s Day Lupercalia
10:47 Saint Patric’s Day
11:52 April Fool’s Day
13:30 Easter
17:15 May Day
19:00 The Catholic Mass Erections
10:10 Mother’s Day
23:07 Father’s Day
24:45 4th of July
25:44 Halloween
26:48 Thanksgiving
28:53 New Age Anu Way of Pagan Occultism 
00:55 Come out of her my people. What is the Babylon we need to come out of?
05:33 What difference is there between the ways of Baal and the church?
06:05 Glass Balls Christmas Tree Decorations In The Bible?!
06:42 ISIS destroyed 69 churches along with 2 other pagan temples for a total of 71 pagan temples.
07:57 The governments of the world rebuilt the arch of the temple of Baal all over the world.
More about the pagan temples, churches, and prophesied judgement from yahuah and what the bible says.
12:15 did the early persecuted 1st century church keep the law (Torah first 5 books of the bible)?
29:45 Salvation prayer and the gospel of salvation in yahushuah hamashiach.
33:19 share this video, credits, …
36:02 i’ve got to tell someone!
36:32 knocking on your heart.
37:32 Mystery Babylon!
40:12 Faith in Torah Ways.
41:12 Golden Opportunity For paul.
43:40 For The Sake Of Our Tradition It’s Christmas Time!
47:23 Isaiah 53 The Prophecy Of The Saviour yahushuah HaMashiach
51:47 King of Glory, Worthy Is The Lamb 

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